Dominican Republic Disaster Risk Management Development Policy Loan with a Catastrophe Deferred Drawdown Option

  • Country name

    Dominican Republic
  • Project Dates

    09/28/2017 -
  • Status

  • Funding source

    World Bank


Type of Engagement
Development Policy Financing (DPF)
Benefited schools (Potential)
Benefited students (Potential)
Committed Amount
$ 150,000,000
Government Counterpart
Ministry of Education

Dominican Republic DRM Development Policy Loan with a Cat DDO


The Dominican Republic Disaster Risk Management Development Policy Loan with a Deferred Drawdown Option for Catastrophe Risk (Cat DDO) aimed to support the Dominican government in two ways: first, by strengthening institutions for improved climate and disaster resilience in prioritized sectors of the society and economy and, second, by establishing mandatory regulations for reducing climate and disaster risk in public investment and construction work. Education was one of the sectors prioritized by the government, and the Ministry of Education advanced several policy reforms to strengthen its capacity to incorporate safety standards in the management of school infrastructure.


Activities supported by the World Bank

  • Creation of a General Directorate for Risk Management within the Ministry of Education

  • Creation of a General Directorate for Building Rehabilitation within the Ministry, responsible for the rehabilitation and retrofitting of existing school infrastructure

  • Development of a centralized school infrastructure system, including new construction


Main outputs

  • Establishment of key disaster risk management and disaster mitigation functions within the Ministry

  • Centralization of school infrastructure construction, under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works and Communication and in coordination with the Ministry of Education