Taxonomy Parameters

1. Main structural system

- Buildings constructed of brick in cement mortar walls
- Mortar mix is usually 1:6 or leaner
- Walls are generally one brick to one and half brick thick at about 150 to 400 mm in average

2. Height range
LR (1)

Single story

3. Seismic design level

- Fair construction quality and workmanship
- Few seismic enhancement measures
- Building designed for low lateral loads

4. Diaphragm type

- Roof/floor with sufficient in-plane stiffness
- Good connection of the roof/floor to the lateral load resisting system

5. Structural irregularity

- Irregular foot print
- Unsymmetrical positioning of resisting elements

6. Wall panel length

- Wall length is more than 12 times the wall thickness

7. Wall openings

- Opening width in a wall between two consecutive cross walls is more than or equal to 0.35 times (0.25 times) the wall length in single-story (multi-story) building

8. Foundation type

- Prevents large foundation deformations and anticipated failures

9. Seismic pounding risk

- Seismic gap between buildings at least 4% of the height of the shorter building where the expected collision occurs

10. Effective seismic retrofitting

- Original structure, which undertook or not minor non-structural improvements and/or maintenance

11. Structural health condition

- Building structure is in overall good condition

12. Non-structural components

- Building does not have non-structural components that can produce human casualties and economic losses such as: parapets, ceilings, tiles, pipes, infill, etc.